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We have a wide variety of original Honda spare parts and accessories. We offer motorcycle parts in Perth, parts for Honda Power Products, Side by Sides, ATVs, and Motorcycles. Always demand genuine Honda accessories, Lubricants, Chemicals, and Replacement Parts.

We keep a wide variety of consumables in stock as well for your convenience. Batteries, spark plugs, chains and sprockets, brake pads, handles, and motorcycle maintenance supplies are some of these.

Because they’re the only link between your motorcycle and the road, motorcycle tires are crucial. Quality motorcycle tires from well-known manufacturers like Bridgestone, Dunlop, and Pirelli, which are Michelin, Metzler, and more are available at our Shop.

For road bikes, rugged bikes, adventurous tourers, ATVs, and side-by-sides, we have all tires.

Call us for an estimate right away if you need a tire fitting on the same day.

Genuine motorcycle parts Perth, parts are available for purchase 24/7 through our secure online parts store for your convenience.

Proper Riding gear is necessary, and Our Shop gets you covered when it comes to your safety. Among the many items available are helmets, outerwear, boots, gloves, body protection, neck braces, communication devices, and bike security solutions.

Call and talk to a member of our helpful team, we all ride and are pleased to assist you in finding the appropriate equipment to fit your needs and budget.

What Price Does a Motorcycle Take to Service?

You are making a sensible choice to research this part of bike ownership if you are considering purchasing a motorcycle but have questions about the cost of maintaining it.The motorcycle servicecost Perthdiffers greatly based on what you need to be done, but they do mount up, so it’s important that you have a general idea of what you should prepare to pay.

Average Annual Servicing Cost

The average car often has a longer range between maintenance visits and can travel farther than a motorcycle. Proper care is required every 4000 to 20,000 miles unless you buy a bike and hardly ever ride it due to this depending on the bike in issue.

Regular motorcycle maintenance should cost no less than $1,000 a year. Maintenance costs for high-end motorcycles will be greater, as is to be expected. You will need to add another $600 to $1500 to your typical costs when you account for sporadic additional items, such as a sporadic valve replacement.

The Average Cost to Service a Motorcycle

The precise motorcycle service cost in Perth will differ from the price of a new and used motorcycle. A decent rule of thumb is to budget between $800 and $1,500 per year for maintenance of your vehicle, depending on the amount of traveling you do, the kind of bike you own, the location in which you store it, and other factors.

You can tell from the cost of maintaining your motorcycle that giving it good care will ultimately save you money. Slower stopping is not only safer, but it will also increase the lifespan of your motorcycle brake discs and pads. Maintaining your chain in generally good shape will also increase its lifespan. Your bike ought to be properly maintained in order to be safe and easy to ride, much like a car.

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